Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'll do it tomorrow..

That's pretty much the theme song that I've got following me around day to day. "I'll start packing tomorrow." "I'll grade these tests tomorrow." "I'll finish this paper tomorrow." "I'll get to writing tomorrow."

Replace the word "tomorrow" with "after whatever the heck is my current preoccupation." Right now, I'm fretting over this.

Ignore the Amish dress hanging off of the boxes of books,
it just hasn't made it into a box yet... oh I'm sorry.

Yes, there are 22 boxes of books in this stack.

And this.

Why is there an iron on top of these boxes?
I'll just pack it back up tomorrow...

In the last four years, my partner and I have moved four times. You would think we have this down to a science, and pretty much he does, while I just putter around waiting for him to finish.
There's a reason I haven't shown you my packing. (Hint: It's not done yet.)

I can't pack my clothes because how will I know what I want to wear?

I can't pack the ice cream maker, what if I want to make some ice cream? Even though I've three pints of Tofutti in the freezer that I won't be able to finish in a month. Homemade ice cream is so fulfilling...

I can't pack the slow cooker. Granted, in the four years I've had it, I haven't used it, but what if in my last month in this apartment I want to slow cook?

You see my problem with this whole packing business. So while I'm worrying about what I should be doing, I'm pretty much not doing anything at all. I'm planning a story, currently setting up the time line but can't actually commit myself to sit down because of all the other stuff I could be doing.

I just need to remember...

to breathe.

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  1. packing, oh the joys :)

    enjoy your weekend holiday, sounds awesome!