Friday, July 9, 2010

Back to the grindstone

After a very refreshing few weeks of:
  1. Moving out of our apartment
  2. A 21 hour drive (nonstop except for potty breaks, with three cats and no rear-view mirror access) to Tallahassee
  3. Spending oodles of money refurnishing after The Big Purge of all our worldly acquisitions
  4. Refilling my pantry... $200 later, I'm still only eating lentils, rice, beans and sundry nuts and seeds
  5. Losing one of my rats to an upper respiratory infection caused by a lung tumor :(
I've been encouraged to get back to writing with a vengeance. In the past week, with help from Ju, I've churned out about 4,000 words to a planned Nocturne Bite. My goal was to have 10-15k finished by Monday, and I'm sitting pretty at 6k as of Friday morning. I gave myself an extra week to edit, but what has been slowing down is that I'm constantly editing as I go along. The expected date of submission is July 20, with final edits on July 19 and taking care of the rest of the submission requirements on that final day.

Is this realistic? Absolutely not. I've never finished a lengthy story in my life.

Well, with one exception.

I used to write fan fiction.

*Exaggerated gasp*

I was am madly in love with The Legend of Zelda series. I had been playing the game since I was in diapers, and with the release of The Ocarina of Time just a few years earlier, my infatuation with the series took hold. In 2001 at the ripe old age of 16, I sat down to pen my first ever fan fic. Well, my first multi-chapter fiction. If you search through there, you can also find my incomplete Harry Potter story. I'm particularly proud of those two because, even though the writing and character development leaves much to be desired, it is the first evidence of my pantsing habits. I'm a life-long pantster!

I think I will write more on my thoughts about fan fiction at another time, because there is a lot to say about it from the perspective of a writer.

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